Creating a wildlife-friendly garden in Berkshire

Our wildlife population is steadily decreasing and it is our job to help any way we can. When most people think of a wildlife friendly garden in Berkshire they think of a huge countryside setting with vast amounts of meadowland, this is not the case so we have listed a few simple ways to increase the wildlife population in your garden.

By adding a bird feeeder and bird bath you can help provide a sustainable food source for birds. In the summer this will be a top up for them when needed but in winter it can really be the difference between life and death. Bird baths are crucial in the summer as they provide hydration. Bird boxes can provide a haven for birds or even bats both providing a nest or shelter.

If you have a small shady spot or corner in your garden why not create a small rokery. Now this doesn't have to be anything too fancy and you may already have the tools to do so in your garden. You do this by gathering large rocks or maybe even broken patio slabs and placing them at different angles creating a small mound. Leaving holes of different sizes to allow different species of wildlife to pass through. Doing this will also support specialised species of plants that naturally grow in poor thin soil.

It will be important to pack as many flowers into your garden as possible. These should be flowers that are true to species and not bred by humans for display purposes as these species will have less nectar and pollen therefore less bees visiting your garden. Ask your local Julian Turner Gardener for tips and advice of which pollinator friendly plants will be suitable for your beds and how to plant them so they will thrive .