Garden Tips For May

May is here but don't be tempted to plant out vulnerable plants just yet as late frost could damage them. It's best to wait until the middle of the month when the frost should be over. As im sure you've been weeding your beds now is the time to make sure all that work is paying off, continue to keep those beds weed free and don't let them go to seed. As your garden is starting to come to life you should keep an eye out for slugs and as they can really do damage to plants. If you do see slug activity best get slug pellets. Dandelions are a nuisance this time of the year so if you have the time it's a good idea to remove the heads before they go to seed. Here is a list of jobs for this month.

  • Remove weeds from beds (you can also use a touch systemic weed killer to help).
  • keep removing moss from paths and grass
  • Keep an eye out for slugs and use Pellets if needed
  • Make sure climmers are tied correctly