Pruning Wisteria

Pruning Wisteria is important your established wisteria needs to be done twice a year and is vital to establish beautiful blooms and to help control the growth. A beautifully cared for wisteria can transform the look of your garden.

Wisteria is one of the most popular climbers chosen to grow. This is due to it's long twisting vines that entangle themselves around a good sturdy structure. From these luscious vines come beautifully, fragrant, blooms that with hard work can be a proud fixture for many years.

Summer Pruning is done between July and August. For this you will need to cut away any green shoots of the years growth to around 5 or 6 leaves after flowering. This helps to control the growth of your wisteria and encourage the blooms rather than green growth whether its grown on an archway, peregola or climbing up the wall. If you have chosen to grow your wisteria up a wall it is even more crucial to control the growth as this climber can work it's way through windows and guttering if left to its own devices. This is something your local Julian Turner Gardeners can support you with.

Winter Pruning occurs between January and Feburary. In these colder months whilst the plant is leaf-free and inactive cut back the same growths again to about 2 or 3 buds. Also cut out any dead-looking (discoloured shoots) and unwanted shoots.This will again encourage large ,fragrant blooms alongside lovely green vines and vibrant leaves in the season to come.

As always our friendly Julian Turner Gardeners that work in Berkshire and around Hungerford and Newbury we are happy to advise and look after you wisteria as part of their ongoing maintainance schedule .