Pruning your apple tree

It is important to prune your apple tree in order to get the best quality and quantity of fruit. Pruning allows the most sunlight into the root system and keeps away any chance of damage  or disease.

The best time to prune your apple tree is in the winter months so between November and early to mid March. If puruned outside of these months it may dramatically effect the next years crop .

Our Pruning Tips

  • Be sure to have a good sharp pair of secateurs.
  • Begin by cutting away any dead,damaged or dying branches. Also any branches that seem to cross paths.
  • With the Primary Branches (these are the main branches extending from the trunk) They should only have a few budding branches shooting out so choose the strongest few and cut away the rest.
  • Avoid giving your tree a "hair cut". Space out your clipping over the canopy of your tree.This will maximise the amount of light and oxygen reaching the shoots and the fruit .
  • Don't overprune your tree just space out your clippings whilst circling your tree to maintain a good shape. 
  • If your pile of clipping looks on the large side STOP you can always go back next winter and remove more.