Recycling your christmas tree

If you have decided to go for a traditional real christmas tree you may have the feeling that now that the festive season is over it seems like such a waste to just toss it away. So here are our top three tips for recycling your christmas tree.

  •  You could contact your local council they may be able to collect it for recycling or be able to point you towards your local recycling centre.
  •  Using a hacksaw cut slices from the tree trunk to create rustic coasters. Be sure to sand down the sufaces, stain and seal before using as this will stop any sap from leaking.
  • Creating a Living Christmas tree in your garden can easily be done if the roots have remained intact.You simply pack the earthball containing the roots into a bucket and pack with sawdust or compost. Transfering outside into the soil as soon as possible making sure to set a noticable circle of compost around the tree this will remind you to keep the soil surrounding it continuously moist.