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Creating a wildlife-friendly garden in Berkshire

Wildlife Help Julian Turner Blog

Our wildlife population is steadily decreasing and it is our job to help any way we can. When most people think of a wildlife friendly garden in Berkshire they think of a huge countryside setting with vast amounts of meadowland, this is not the case so we have listed a few simple ways to increase the wildlife population in your garden.

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Pruning Wisteria

Wisteriapruning Julian Turner Blog

Pruning Wisteria is important your established wisteria needs to be done twice a year and is vital to establish beautiful blooms and to help control the growth. A beautifully cared for wisteria can transform the look of your garden.

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Pruning your apple tree

 Pruning Apple Tree JT

It is important to prune your apple tree in order to get the best quality and quantity of fruit. Pruning allows the most sunlight into the root system and keeps away any chance of damage  or disease.

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Recycling your christmas tree

Recycling Christmas Tree Julian Turner

 If you have decided to go for a traditional real christmas tree you may have the feeling that now that the festive season is over it seems like such a waste to just toss it away. So here are our top three tips for recycling your christmas tree.

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Garden Tips For November

Garden Tips November Julian Turner

As the weather becomes increasingly blustery with heavy rain and harsh winds occuring frequently it is a good idea to move any tender plants into the greenhouse or to a sheltered area to protect them from the upcoming frost. Also to protect your potted plants from waterlogging you may wish to use pot feet to keep them raised from the ground.

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Garden Tips For October

Garden Tips October

Although we have already begun to experience cooler days Autumn is now officially here. A lovelyl time of year when you start to see the leaves change colour and fall from the trees. Also this is the time to prepare your garden for the winter.The need to water your garden should start to slow down although its best to keep an eye on potted plants in the drier weather.

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Garden Tips For September

Garden Tips September

With the arrival of September you will start to notice the weather becoming noticably cooler and the days seem shorter. If you have chosen to plant fruits or vegetables you should still be enjoying your harvest. Weeding is still a vital aspect of garden maintainance. If this month turns into an Indian summer it is important to remember to keep your garden and plants including hanging baskets watered.

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Garden Tips For August

Garden Tips August

Again this is a month where u can truly see the benifits of looking after your garden. Being still in the warmer months watering is still an essential part of keeping your garden flourishing. If this is the month where you plan to spend time away from home you may need to enlist a friend or your local Julian Turner Gardener to keep your lawn and plants nicely watered. Not forgetting to dead head any spent flowers to encourage regrowth.

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Garden Tips For July

 Garden Tips July Blog Image

This month is usually one of the hottest months of the year. The perfect time to sit back and relax and enjoy your garden. Keep your garden looking good by regularly deadheading your plants and if the weather is dry and bright regularly watering the lawns flower beds and pots.

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Garden Tips For June

 Garden Tips June

All the plants are flourishing filling your garden with colour but keep a watchfull eye as the weeds are also trying to grow. Keep weeding and turning the beds over to keep on top of them. Deadheading is another task to do around the garden removing spent flowers will encourage the plant to produce more flowers. Make sure all of your plants are supported and tied back so they don't droop over. Watering is important this time of year best to water once or twice a week really well in the evenings, if you have hanging baskets or tubs water once a day or twice if hot, this will help the plant put down roots.

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Garden Tips For May

Garden Tips May

May is here but don't be tempted to plant out vulnerable plants just yet as late frost could damage them. It's best to wait until the middle of the month when the frost should be over. As im sure you've been weeding your beds now is the time to make sure all that work is paying off, continue to keep those beds weed free and don't let them go to seed. As your garden is starting to come to life you should keep an eye out for slugs and as they can really do damage to plants. If you do see slug activity best get slug pellets. Dandelions are a nuisance this time of the year so if you have the time it's a good idea to remove the heads before they go to seed. Here is a list of jobs for this month.

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Garden Tips For April

April Tips

Spring is here and daffodils are in Bloom the weather is unpridictable so dont be rushed in to plant out those seedlings just yet as frost is still possible. Snails and slugs will be quick to eat those new shoots so best scater some pet friendly slug pellets to keep them away. Feed those shubs as its a great time before the flower beds fill out. Here are a few jobs to do in April.

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Garden Tips For March

 Garden Tips March

March is here and now is the time to spring clean, go round the garden weeding the beds then dig over and incorporate as much organic matter as you can as those cold winds can realy dry out the soil. Do any final prunning of roses and other climmers, also its a great time to go round the garden to see if there are any areas you wish to add more colour so next march is even better. One of my favourites is Camellias. Here are a few jobs to do in march.

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Garden Tips For February

Garden Tips February

Temperatures in February should start to rise but the risk of frost or even snow. Keep protecting those vulnerable plants by wrapping them in garden fleece.  Carry on turning over beds and removing weeds but it's best done when there is no frost.

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Garden Tips For January

Garden Tips January

We find that January is a great time to remove dead, diseased or damaged wood. It's also a good time to turn over beds and remove weeds, but it's best done when there is no frost. Best to avoid pruning birches, acers and vines, which are liable to bleed if pruned after midwinter:

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Garden Tips For December

December Leaves

Christmas is coming and our gardeners are busy collecting the leaves and preparing gardens for christmas. With the sunshine hours reduced frost, rainfall and strong winds can damage plants and garden structures, so now is a good time to check:

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